Local SEO Plans

4 Steps to SEO Heaven

Local SEO Plans

4 Steps to SEO Heaven



/ One Off
We will perform a full SEO audit on your website. Back and front – top to bottom. Get a really comprehensive insight into where your website and business are at. From this we can take it to where it needs to be.

2. Keyword Research

From £350.00

/ One Off
The first step is to nail your main keywords and phrases so we know what people are looking for and what we are aiming for. This is a critical step and ideally should be done before even starting your business!

3. On site / page seo

From £485.00

/ One Off

Price totally depends on the size of your website and what you already have in place that may help reduce the cost. Getting your website up to scratch is a necessary activity for the search engines to take you seriously.


From £380.00

/ Month

Now the real magic happens. Steps 1, 2 and  3 will all inform and support the ongoing strategy to really build your local SEO with an ongoing SEO plan. Step 4 is now about building on everything else and gaining real traction.

* extra 3rd party charges may apply

In today’s digital marketplace, having a strong local SEO presence is essential for businesses of all sizes and industries. From SMBs to large enterprises, local SEO is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. However, even with the best intentions, many businesses struggle to make their mark in local search engine results due to ever-changing algorithms and optimization techniques.

By signing up for our professional local SEO services, you can rest assured knowing that your business will be found online by the right audience at the right time.


Grow your business with local SEO Services from us!

The packages we offer have been formulated over many years of experience fused with keeping up to date with the latest trends and changes that the search engines perpetually impose on us. But don’t worry, we are up to date, we stay ahead of the competition and we are incredibly agile in making the necessary changes so you don’t lose out.

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How to think like a search engine!

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